Grician earthquake. The ravioli with pecorino cream and crispy bacon is born

From Emme to via Margutta revolutionized one of the classics of the Roman triptych. It's called a button and the gricia will never be the same as before

The recipe purists will turn their mouths and the ultra-conservatives of the pan will declare war. The ancestor of the legendary amatriciana, pasta alla gricia, loses the spaghetti and creaming. Aroma and flavor are no longer released from the plate until the ravioli containing the Sibillini secret is shattered by the fork.

The young chef of the Emme restaurant  in via Margutta,  Daniele Lagada , discovered that reinterpreting a classic of the Roman triptych (gricia, amatriciana and carbonara) can even go a step beyond the pleasure that the dish gives to the palate. In the futuristic lounge that feeds the appetites and gastronomic dreams of the Margutta 19 hotel, the classic spaghetti bows in front of the mini ravioli, the "button" as it has been nicknamed, which becomes the guardian of a balanced cream of real pecorino romano and which reunites with the crunchy bacon only when the diner decides to reunite the two flavors of archaic cuisine.

The miracle is done: the dish is born composed and is broken down to be recomposed each time, almost bent to the pleasure of those who taste it who can use personal quantities . It is elastic cuisine, like the rest of Emme's menu, which combines tradition and innovation, fish and meat with seasonality and respect for the quality of raw materials. You know something about meat tartare, enriched by the right maturation and then served in a parallelepiped with a precious anchovy fillet in the centre. The young chef Ladaga is good, he left the Prati neighborhood to make those who eat in via Margutta look like a lady. And with her she attracted Pastry Chef Maria Chiara Serges directly from the Heinz Beck brigade at the Pergola in Rome and after a stint in Paris at Joel Robuchon's Atelier Etoile. The couple is close-knit and friendly and don't be surprised if between the wonders of the energizing and light fast lunch and the delights of the evening, it isn't one of the two who leaves the kitchen and serves in the dining room. Like it used to be done when the chef was called a cook and didn't wear ranks to lead the kitchen but he just led himself.
Attention: those looking for a high-tech workstation for an afternoon of work will find a smartworking space at Emme, just a break between one meal and another in the name of the elasticity and multifunctionality of the spaces. The restart of the restaurant is signed by the usual Moncadas.


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