At Emme Restaurant a Befana for families and children with socks, sweet charcoal and a gourmet aperitif

Rome, 4 January 2020 – Emme Restaurant renews the Befana tradition with a day suitable for families and children. For the occasion, it offers a sweet break and a gourmet aperitif to all those who want to take advantage of a moment of rest in the suggestive scenery of Via Margutta after the walk in the center for shopping and choosing gifts for the little ones.

In fact, children will find the Befana stocking filled with sweet black and white charcoal and sweets prepared by the Pastry Chef, Maria Chiara Serges, while the older ones will be able to refresh themselves with selected teas and herbal teas or with a more robust gourmet snack based on supplì cacio e pepe and broccoli croquettes prepared by chef Daniele Ladaga and accompanied by French and Italian bubbles or classic and innovative cocktails and long drinks.

And speaking of the Befana stocking, the origin of this tradition is not at all Nordic but has its origins in ancient Rome, even in the monarchic age. According to legend, in fact, it was the second King of Rome, Numa Pompilius, who hung a stocking at the beginning of the year in the cave-sanctuary dedicated to the Nymph Egeria, the protective and inspiring divinity of the King, who found it the following day full of gifts.


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